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“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” –Phil Jackson
Collaborating to push our limits.
Three people with distinct personalities from varied backgrounds working together to generate better ideas and produce more compelling work. Danang Photographer is a brainchild of Etienne Bossot, Fred Wissink and Maciej Sniezek. We decided to come together and combine our skills and experience to push ourselves to offer cutting edge photo and video services to our current and future customers in central Vietnam. 

Meet the Team

Etienne Bossot
Lead photographer and Concept Creation
Frederik Wissink
Lead Photographer and clients relations
Maciej Sniezek
Lead videographer and GM

Etienne was born in France but has been living in Hoi An for 12 years and shooting commercially in the area ever since he arrived. He specializes in Fashion Photography, Wedding Photography, Family photoshoots as well as hotels and resorts. He owns Hoi An Photo Tour which takes tourists on stunning photography tours around Hoi An. He also created Pics of Asia where he shares his passion for travel photography on multi-day tours around all of Asia an beyond. He spends his free time with his beautiful Vietnamese wife and two kids. His appreciation and understanding of local culture allows him to build deep and lasting relationships with his clients to provide personalized services through honest communication and unique sensitivity.

Originally from Canada, Fred has moved to Asia 20 years ago. He has a wealth of experience in Hotel Photography, Editorial Photography and a huge passion for food photography. He worked with international brands and magazines and his images have been featured in countless publications and online platforms around the globe. He is a methodical and diligent photographer who puts countless hours of time and sweat into producing stunning images for his clients. On a personal level, Fred loves spending time with his dog Squeak and gorgeous fiance Natalia and inspiring a new wave of photographers to excel and improve their skills.

Born in Poland, entrepreneur at heart, Maciej has long background in the food industry. He understands the inner workings of businesses and loves seeing people and companies grow and succeed. Over the years he developed a huge passion for video and has been striving to create stunning films for his customers over the last 3 years. He enjoys telling stories of people and places and infuses his work with emotions. Maciej loves technology and is obsessed with latest gear and producing the highest quality images possible. He specializes in Bars and Restaurants, Event photography, Wedding videos and corporate work. As a former professional dancer, he runs dance classes in Hoi An and shares his energy and passion with friends and strangers alike. 

Why Choose Us?


30 years of combined experience that you can trust.

Expert skills

We didn’t get where we are by delivering amateur work. 

Professional Equipment

Cameras, lenses, drones, mics, lights. You name it. We mastered it.


Three brains is more than one. Fact!


Polished ideas that fit your goals and reflect your brand.


We work hard to bring your ideas to life.

We believe that working as a team we can more to our customers than we could ever achieve alone. Our vast experience and expertise allows you to rely on us to produce content that sells, inspires and resonates with your audience. 
Contact us today so we can help you bring your ideas to life, present your products and services and capture those special moments in your professional and personal lives.
Danang Photographer – create, inspire, thrive!

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