For our first assignment of 2020, before things turned sour for the whole planet, we were commissioned by the four-season resort in Hoi An to create photos and videos for their tour activities. The goal was to create a series of lifestyle pictures showing their guests enjoying the onsite and off-site activities. 

Thanks to the public relation office working for the four-season brand in Hoi An, we had creative control over the creation of the images. Even though we had to keep the style of the images following the four-season guidelines, we had control over the photo shooting concept and were able to use the resort’s locations at their best. 

yoga and meditation retreat photographer in Vietnam

Planning work with the client

It was an impressive couple of months of pre-work before the shoot in order to schedule, sketch our ideas, present them to the client and their head office. Even though it only took us two full days to shoot, we had been working on the project to conceptualize the final images. 


Now, because we are a team of creative working together, we were able to schedule and organize the actual shooting time to two full days. By sharing the work among us we helped the client save time and money on the actual shooting. These very efficient 2 days of shooting were made possible by 2 months of pre-planning and working closely with the client.

Lifestyle photographer for the four season Nam Hai in Hoi An

The Nam Hai four-season onsite activities

Our first assignment was to create images for the activities that the guests can enjoy within the resort. Due to our team diverse skills, we spread the photo shootings between Fred and Etienne, more experienced in lifestyle and natural light shoots. Maciej, our videographer, was in charge of shooting video footage for the sales and marketing department of the four-season.  

Couple walking on the beach at the four season Hoi An by Danang photographer

We organized our shoots in the early morning and late afternoon. We also decided to keep the shooting time to a minimum, which would make it much easier on the models. Because we are a team, we were able to shoot two different locations at the same time of the day, allowing us to wrap the onsight activities in just one day.

Lifestyle photos for the four season Hoi An by Danang photographer

We got blessed with fantastic weather, and the light clouds allowed us to get some fantastic results even later in the morning.

Danang photographer for the Nam Hai four season in Hoi An

The Nam Hai four-season off sight activities

Also divided the team into 2 to shoot all offsite activities in one day, saving money and time for the client. We travelled to several locations within the day, capturing each activity at the best time of the day. 

We had a few favourite moments, which included using Fred as a model in the temples of My Son at sunrise. Fred is so much more than just a photographer, as you can see! And he was a perfect fit for the client’s assignment.

Lifestyle photographer in central Vietnam

Later in the afternoon, it got very windy, mostly along the beach and on the river. It was actually a lot of fun, and quite challenging, to set up this fishing net image. The wind was blowing, our little boats were rocking quite a lot and the net was getting blown away. A difficult image but really worth the fun! 

lifestyle image for the four season resort in Hoi an by Danang photographer

A great planned photo shoot for a great client. Preparation pays off for such intense sessions, and being a team helps us facing all challenges.