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You want to showcase the uniqueness, soul and character of your hotel to the customers of today’s busy market. We have worked over the past 10 years to achieve this goal for the biggest brands in the hotel industry.
Understanding your Audience

You host a variety of guests from all around the world with different cultural backgrounds and expectations.

Coming from Western cultural backgrounds ourselves, we understand how to present your hotel’s ambiance and style. On the other hand, with over 35 years of combined experience working in Asia, we also know what appeals to the Asian market.
Capturing the Space

We can show your hotel in a way that lets the viewer imagine themselves there.

We pay close attention to the mood of the lighting and weather conditions. We seek unique angles and perspectives to wow your customers and make you stand out. 
Communicating Effectively

As locals, we are happy to meet in person with you to help define your priorities and expectations. We adapt our strategies accordingly.

We work closely with sales and marketing departments to develop creative content strategies that are consistent with your branding. We also know how to tailor content creation for platforms like Facebook and Instagram and booking websites like Agoda and booking.com.
Harnessing the Power of Video

Moving images can convey emotions and inspire your customers to a greater extent than still frames.

We work with top-of-the line equipment to produce sleek and professional hotel videos, capturing your space in glorious 4k. We storyboard our videos from the ground up to build your confidence and plan our shoots beforehand to work efficiently on sets.
We infuse our videos with the character of your brand and showcase the experience that your guests can expect in your hotel. We work with models and makeup artists to bring your ideas to life. 
Our services include:
  • Drone photography and videography (flycam)
  • Architecture photography
  • Food & Beverage photography and videography
  • Outdoor and indoor lifestyle shots
  • Event photography and videography
  • Hotel promotional videos

Our hotel packages start at $750.

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Our Clients Include

Client Logos - The Reverie Saigon Times Square
Client Logos - Park Hyatt Luxury Is Personal
Client Logos - Pullman Hotels And Resorts
Client Logos - The Leading Hotels of the World LHW
It’s not necessarily good fun working on photoshoots as it takes time out of the normal routine but somehow Fred has always managed to put a smile on everyone and making the collaboration a success, almost effortlessly.
There are many food photographers in the industry, and then there are a few that somehow bring your head back and forth twice from the food to the desktop, wishing your food could actually really look that good. Fred is one of those.
In those days back in at the Park Hyatt, no matter what we put in front of him, Frederik was able to make anything look great.
Hands down the friendliest, straight to the point and punctual photographer I have ever worked with”

Marco Torre - Park Hyatt Kyoto

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