We at Danang Photographer love new and exciting projects that help us push our creative boundaries. Every client is different and each one has a different set of styles and priorities that need to be handled.

Sometimes it’s on the shoot itself and other times it is in the post-production. Each one is a challenge but delivering what the client expects and hearing them say they love the photographs we have created for them is always a rewarding experience.

Enter Zannier Bai San Ho.

hotel and architecture photography of Zannier hotel by Danang photographerThis up and coming hotel chain got in touch with us via our LinkedIn profile.

Unlike many hotel properties in Asia, they have a distinct and unique style for both their hotels as well as their photography. So obviously, after doing a little research on them we were very excited to get to work.

After a little back and forth via emails we were headed off to Quy Nhon, on the central coast of Vietnam!

One of the more difficult aspects of the shoot was in how Zannier prefers to have their spaces photographed. Gone are the traditional angles from the corners of the room. In, are slightly offset images that showcase the space in a more unique way.

Interior photography of Zannier hotels by Danang photographerAs a photographer is it exciting to work on because it isn’t strictly “paint by the numbers” type photography.

However, it is also far more difficult because it is slightly unorthodox. Especially when we have been required to photograph in the more traditional style for so long. The brain of the creative can get stuck in a box very quickly if not let out to breath regularly. 

Danang photographer team captures the Zannier hotel in VietnamThat being said. Working with the Zannier Bai San Ho and their team for the pre-opening was one of the better shoots I have been on.

Pre-opening hotel photography is a little different than fully operational hotel photography.  Mainly because much of the surrounding areas of the hotel are not completed. So on one side, you as a first-time visitor get to see the property before anyone else. As a photographer, you get to make the first photos of the property before anyone else! It is a dream come true for any creative. To be the first.

Now, The hard part in this type of job is working around a living breathing construction site. Cables in odd places, dirt roads where there will be trees, and workers peaking in windows just as you press the shutter. Not easy, but if it was easy. Then everyone would be doing it! 

Hotel and resort photography in central vietnam by Danang photographerOne of the reasons working at the Zannier Bai San Ho was such an enjoyable experience was the staff. Both the GM and the Opening Manager were top-notch people to work with. They knew their property and they knew how to work with creatives, Helping us get the best out of the spaces we were there to photograph.

Even though they were not used to being up before the sun (which rises around 5 am at this time of year in Vietnam) they were there with us the whole way. An excellent team that I am sure will continue their excellence when the hotel is open. 

Hotel and resort photographer at work in Vietnam with Danang photographerOne of the things that impressed us with the hotel was the design. Using traditional materials found in Vietnam, each room is unique in holding to a style that keeps it both very local in feel and yet not out of place in the international design of things. 

As usual, Maciej was in top form as the assistant on this project. Keeping a keen eye open for different angles and ideas that might not have been noticed the first time around.

Interior photography of hotel room for Zannier by Danang photographerAll in all, it was an excellent shoot that really got the creative mindset flowing again. We are looking forward to going back and finishing up the rest of the project once the whole resort is completed. 


Thank you Zannier!